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Innovations X 3

Three security agencies, one singular focus on innovative, tech-based security solutions.

Breaking stereotypes of the security industry by embracing technology and offering custom security solutions to clients – that’s what distinguishes this year’s recipients of the Alexander Henson Security Agency of the Year Award. 

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Alexander Henson Award Winner

This prestigious award, the highest honour for security agencies in Singapore, is given to 3 security agencies that have shown significant capabilities in each of the three areas and the ability to offer security solutions incorporating both manpower and technology.

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Industry Transformation

More than 49,000 security officers and 250 security agencies support the Home Team to protect the many places where we live and work. With the heightened terrorism threat, increased demand for security services, and the slowing pace of workforce growth, the industry has to transform, to increase productivity and make the job requirements less manpower-intensive.

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Protecting Us

SINGAPORE - Security officers here say it has become increasingly common for them to be subjected to some form of abuse, with the Covid-19 pandemic being blamed for increased tensions.

A survey of 1,002 officers, conducted between September and November last year, found that two in five security officers were exposed to some form of abuse in their course of work.

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