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Security Surveillance

Physical Security

Manpower Surveillance

Security Guard


Permanent | Temporary

We provide security to residential and commercial properties, industrial and government buildings, education and retail premises. Our dedicated and service orientated operations team and command centre maintain constant communications with our valued clients to ensure the quality and safety of our workforce.
We strongly believe in forging the right culture with the right people, making Bulls-Eye Security Services the right choice when it comes to protecting your people, property and assets.



Permanent | Temporary

Large crowds in history has been prime targets for security threats, thus provision of security should be of high priority. Our experience in past events enables us to be ready to manage and implemented crowd controls measures, screening and access control, traffic and car park management and protecting of high profile event participants.



24/7 Command Center for surveillance of premises

We provide professional security monitoring by integrating various technologies and solutions, experience and resources to monitor your premises remotely. 
Onsite CCTVs, access controls, intercoms, doors, barriers etc could all be remotely activated via our Integrated Command Centre. In the event of any incidences, an Emergency Respond Team (ERT) would be dispatched to handle all situations.

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