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Our Huge Array Of Services


Physical Security

Having had 20 years of experience in the provision of security officers, Bulls-Eye Security Services are equipped with the knowledge, experience and professionalism to assist our clients in every aspect in protecting your people, property and assets.


Security Technology

In today’s challenging operating environment, Bulls-Eye Security Services has successfully implemented countless integrated security solutions on-premises that has incurred huge savings for our clients. We design, build and implement various security technologies and solutions that complement and mitigate the reliance on security officers thus resulting in huge financial savings. Our 1500sqft interactive command centre also enables us to remotely monitor our client's premises and provide valuable support 24/7.

Business Meeting

Security Consultancy

Our team has the experience along with the relevant knowledge to advise and construct a holistic security plan for our clients. We take pride in our profession and look to add value while creating a safer, more secure premise for the occupiers.


Security As A Solution

We at Bulls-Eye Security will continue to seek and innovate security solutions to tackle the needs of our clients. We do it by redesigning your security concept of operations and ensure our solutions are cost efficient, effective and smarter.

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